My first blog. A good beginning...

My first blog. A good beginning…

16 January, 2014

….2014 A new year, full of surprises. I can’t talk about it yet but I will keep you informed.

Every singer gets it one day. Me too. A soar throat, vocaal cords out of tune and suddenly you sound like Bonnie Tyler. Very beautiful..when she is singing, with a little rough edge on her voice. But with me it hurts. I suddenly miss high notes that normally are no problem at all, my voice turns… as does my attitude. For a minute you realize what it means not being able to sing. But luckily it all passes. I sing again carefully in my studio and I am laughing when I see the first signs of spring outside. Too early of course… but for me it cannot be early enough. Can’t wait to go back into the garden.
I also planned a next performance again. In de Kroon in Poederlee of course. With Ive RĂ©naarts and for Guy from “de Contrabas” who always thinks of me whenever there is a place open. On the Planning here on the website you can find all information and on the page with the links a banner from Ive, for you to be able to visit his website to listen to him also.
There are today also a few songs on YouTube by me. Search under “Ida zingt” As movies we used pictures of me and the love ones around me; all animals are there and my garden of course. In principle it was the idea to give family and friends, who live far away, a picture of our life, but you are most welcome to have a look on YouTube.
This month I also should begin on my part of the duet that Jack Crooney wants to sing with me. Pastorale of Ramses and Liesbeth. Not simple, in the timing especially, but I will do what I can.
I look outside and the sun is shining. I hope it will shine for all of you during 2014.

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