Blog 7 - Are we getting serious now?

Blog 7 – Are we getting serious now?

2 March, 2015

And than the Studio asks “Ida can you please sing some references? We need them to time some of the new arrangements. ??????? No, I did not know either. And than you hear some of the new arrangements…. and you meet Marty Townsend who will play guitar on your CD…and you talk about the band he is touring with with Dana Winner (famous Belgian singer) and about Blue Blot, the band you have albums from at home…in which he use to play, write for and produced as well….and you become very very proud.
Back home you put a CD of Blue Blot in the player and you realize how good Marty is…and you don’t understand that all of this is happening…
A few weeks, and than I will sing the first 6 songs in a final setting. But first there will be the evening I will meet the whole band and the backing ground singers…What a roller coaster…I hope my voice will keep.

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