Ida - Singing makes her happy

Ida, born in The Netherlands, was already singing as a child on homemade stages in the living room. Her education after high school was the Amsterdam college for Individual Art Education. (IVKO) There she discovered her talent for singing and the rest is history. Singing in background choirs, participating in cabaret and performing in local pubs made her early years a festivity. And then her children were born, she moved to Belgium eleven years ago and from that moment on she only sang at home for her daughters and friends…..but now the children grow up and the butterflies are back.

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Can I see and hear Ida live?
Ida sings at private parties, receptions or in restaurants that like to have some live music once and awhile. Oh…and with a lot of pleasure, and for free in Hospitals and all kinds of Caring Homes for the Elder and less fortunate. Where she is performing can be seen by pressing the planning button below. She brings her own music installation if desired.

Information and bookings:
Dhr. Simon J.W. Paulis
Tel.: +32 (0)476 236 104

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Ida in English a demo, a little taste for your ears: